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Designer Knitting – SECOND HAND COPY


Through the years, Kitty Bartholomew has developed her own special approach to knitting that’s fast, easy, and chic. In her first book ever, she presents her secrets for making the always-popular sweater. Kitty has an exceptional gift for altering a standard pattern–for deciding that if a pattern asks for “knit one, purl one,” it can just as well be made with “knit one, purl two” ribbing to create something singular. And she explains exactly how she makes those decisions, how to size a sweater so it fits absolutely perfectly, and how to combine the newest colors, textures, and qualities yarns for a one-of-a-kind creation. Knitters will particularly appreciate how simple these sweaters are to make: Kitty has featured her most basic designs here, including boatneck pullovers; a colorful Carnival sweater that mixes luscious red and purple; tweed cardigans; and a denim turtleneck with a twisted braid. Throughout, Kitty includes lots of invaluable “tip boxes” with extra information knitters will want to know.

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