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“Our reporter Sam Wilcox is live from the Australia Observatory. Sam, what’s happening?”

“Thanks Gary. Astronomers all over the World are saying that there’s been some strange solar activity of late, something they’ve never witnessed before.”

“What kind of activity Sam?”

“They’re calling them Sun Spikes. I have with me Astronomer Fred Wilson. Dr Wilson, can you tell us?”

“Well Sam, these events have never been documented and no-one has come up with any tangible explanation as yet. Frankly we’re scratching our heads.”

“So, what do you know?”

“For some reason there are wafer thin spikes of light shooting out from the Sun and they’re now threatening to penetrate our atmosphere.”

“And what will happen if they do?”

“We don’t know but what’s even more peculiar is the fact they’re travelling at faster than light speed.”

“That’s impossible isn’t it?”

“Indeed. These Sun Spikes are new to science as we know it. They breach the laws of physics.”

“Are we in danger Dr Wilson?”

“I’d like to say no, but the truth is we have no idea what effect they might have if one or more of these things strikes the planet or God forbid, people.”

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