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Serpent Sting


“I have a truth to reveal as well.”

A boy is born in the gravest circumstance. An act of bravery will have far reaching consequences.

The tranquil world of army medic Dr Sinclair McCrae is turning on its head. And he’s never known fear like it. His beloved Francesca Salucci is missing. Their son is under serious threat. Nicholas Delarno lives. Embroiled in a world of deceit and betrayal, he will face the demons of past and present. With or without her. McCrae will do anything to protect his family. Even if it means forming an alliance with his greatest nemesis. The truth is laid on the table. Secrets have nowhere to hide. And the terror of what could be is rapidly advancing out of the shadows.

From an Afghanistan war zone to the stunning Fijian coastline, from the pomp of award ceremonies to secretive Venice, Serpent Sting unravels a crime syndicate family’s desire for revenge amidst a backdrop of sex, murder and integrity.

Serpent Sting is book number two in the Serpent Series.

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