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Born from the struggle for more, for freedom and holistic health, Kylie Henderson explores the questions we all have about ‘The Journey’.The New Now follows her quest to normalise spirituality and fill life with practical light bulb moments and provide activations for readers to engage with.It is an inner journey, one that gives permission to walk into the unknown…It is also an outer journey filled by opportunities for gratitude, kindness, healing, and empowerment…The New Now contains a new way of being human in the ever-changing and often unpredictable landscape of this wide unknown world.Filled with a combination of life stories and ancient revelations, it is an easy-to-read explanation of people who navigate the battle between mind, body and spirit to make space for more…Filled with real life narrative of Kylie’s extraordinary life, The New Now will inspire and challenge you to step beyond fears and to engage with your spirit to begin a life beyond your greatest dreams, to live the full adventure of life as it was intended to be for each of us…We are limited only by our mind. Get ready to be free of all things you know and find the new now you wish for…

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